Hifast-BoneGraft products are designed to repair bone defects caused
by surgery or traumatic injury, increase bone formation or
support the formation of new bone tissue in non-load bearing
clinical applications. It can be mixed with bone marrow, blood
and other clinically known bone grafts.


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■ %100 Synthetic
Contains no tissue of human or animal origin therefore carries no risk of disease transmission.

■ Osteoconductive
Act as a scaffold and support bone tissue regeneration. Similar to the mineral found in bone tissue. BioOssnT polygonal granules have different particle sizes between 0.25-9 mm.
■ Bioresorbable
With its optimized porous structure and chemical composition, BioOssnT is suitable for the continuous remodeling cycle of healthy bone. ß-TCP resorbs over time and be replaced with bone during the healing process.
■ Safe, Biocompatible and Sterile
BioOssnT is supplied sterile .BioOssnT is tested using: Pre-clinical studies, Biocompatibility tests (in vitro and in vivo). Biomechanical tests, Biodegradation tests, Bioburden and Sterility tests.
■ Radiopaque
Could be detected via CT and X-ray.


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